Heat Pumps

HPA Split Style

Residential & Light Commercial Heat Pumps

Features :

  • Heat pump water temperature 65°C, Max water temperature 75°C
  • Heat Pump input 1010w, COP 3.6
  • Two elements back up for quick recovery
  • Patented AES energy saving system
  • Timer Setting
  • Remote Control
  • PS Safety system
  • R134a Green Refrigerant


  1. Residential –Individual Homes/Villas
  2. No of bathrooms- 2-3
  3. Light Commercial – Restaurants /Cafes, Gyms/Spas

Rated volume (L)300
Rated voltage (V) / Rated frequency (Hz)220~/50
Efficiency Mode1010/4.6
Hybrid Turbo Mode2010/9.1
Efficiency Mode3640
Hybrid Turbo Mode4640
Water Temperature Range (°C)35~75
Ambient Temperature Range (°C)7~43
Tank Pressur (bar)10
External Unit Dimensions [Height]x[Depth]x[Length] [mm]560x320x835
Tank Dimensions [Circumference] [mm]610
Weight of external unit (kg)37
Weight of the Tank (kg)89
HPA 80 Specs and Dimensions Download

HPA Schematic Download

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