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Ion Exchange Technology

Overview :

One-of-a-kind fully automatic hard water to soft water converter, with automatic regeneration, 3M Water Softener is a minimal maintenance sleek product that gives you soft, quality water throughout your house, without any effort.

3MTM Fully Automatic Water Softener is available in few sizes. It uses Ion-exchange technology for softening and comes with a programmable multi-port valve avoiding any manual intervention for regeneration. Regeneration time can be set once and regeneration happens automatically while you are asleep. The system automatically performs multiple regenerations till the salt is present in the system. The automatic softener reduces hardness by upto 95%.

  • Freedom from Scaling
  • Long life for water using appliances
  • Health – Prevents dry skin and hair friziness

Specifications :

Attribute Name SFT 100 SFT 200
Application Suitable for small apartments or 1-2 bathrooms Suitable for houses, villas, large apartments and light
commercial use
Resin in Litres 9.5 28
Dimensions W X D X H
14.3 X 18.1 X 22 19 X 19 X 44.2
Flow Rate ( LPM) 35 48
Inlet Outlet Size ( NPT) 3/4 inch 3/4 inch
Salt capacity 20 60
Maximum Operating Temperature
Pressure Range ( Bar) 1.7 to 8.6 1.7 to 8.6
Weight ( Kg) 18 35
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