Heat Pumps

Domestic Air to Water Heat Pump

Guilt free hot water with beauty and efficiency!

aroSTOR features:

  • Hot water temperature up to 60 °C in heat pump mode
  • Easy to install thanks to Plug & Play system
  • Simple and clear operation using the illuminated  display, with a pre-selector wheel on the operator  control panel
  • Legionella protection function for thermal sterilisation, heating the water to 60 °C (at 10:00 pm)
  • Easy to operate Control system for all three types of heat generation:  Heat pump mode, electric heater cartridge, auxiliary  heating

Cylinder and Coolant equipment features:

  • Enamelled domestic hot water cylinder
  • Magnesium protection anode to protect against corrosion
  • High-grade thermal insulation (85 mm PU rigid foam insulation) – very low /negible heat loss
  • Integrated electric back up heating element (1,5 kW)
  • Rotary sliding vane compressor
  • Thermostatic expansion valve
  • Efficient heat transfer with high operational safety thanks to large-area pipe coil condenser
  • R134a safety coolant (0,950 kg, chlorine-free, zero ozone depletion potential)

Application and Installation

  • Use in passive houses for hot water generation – Dehumidifies cellar spaces
  • Heat Recovery / Transfer from spaces within the House
  • An ideal replacement for old, directly heated domestic hot water cylinders
  • Simple Plug and Play
Picture3.png Ideal for:
Individual Homes
Large Apartments
Small Commercial Spaces

Specifications :

Specifications for the heat pump Unit aroSTOR VWL B
Tank Capacity 270
COP 3.14
Efficiency Class (Germany) A+
Rated Power kw 0.47
Heating Output kw 1.2
Back up heating element kw 1.50
Maximum Heating Output ( with back up) kw 3.15
Maximum Water Temperature Celcius 65
Operating Application Limits Celcius -7 to 45
Heat Up Delta per hour – Heat Pump Mode Celcius 6
Heat Up Delta per hour – with Back Up Celcius 11
Operating Noise dB(A) 52
Refrigerant type /weight R 290
Tapping cycle (in accordance with EN 16147) L 89
Outer diameter of the cylinder housing mm 634
Height mm 1783
Empty weight of the unit kg 68
Weight of the unit filled with water in a ready-tooperate condition kg 338
IP Rating IPX4
Voltage and frequency of the product’s power supply V/Hz 230 V-50Hz
Maximum amperage of the power supply circuit Amp 8
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 Model aroSTOR
 MRP  Rs. 3,49,000.00