Utility Water Filtration

Aqua-Pure™ IAS802C

Whole House Scale Inhibition Water Treatment System

Overview :

TThe 3MTM Aqua-PureTM IAS802C Whole House Filtration together with various cartridges filters all incoming water throughout the entire home with a special cartridge which is for chlorine removal. The heavy-duty head assembly of the unit helps provide unrestricted flow rates of up to 75 LPM to meet the needs of most residential single family homes.

  • Reduces sediment, chlorine taste and odor
  • High Flow Rate cartridge
  • Built-in pressure relief valve helps make cartridge change-out convenient

Specifications :

Attribute Name Value
Applications Whole House Water Filtration + Chlorine Removal
Filtration ( Microns) 25
Diameter ( inches) 2.75
Height ( inches) 23.4
Flow Rate ( LPM) 75
Inlet /Outlet Size ( NPT – inches) 1
Maximum Operating Temperature
Pressure Range ( Bar) 1.7-6.9
Replacement Interval (Months) 6 -12
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MRP   26,390
MRP GST Rate 18%