Drinking Water Filtration

A.O. Smith – Z8

RO Drinking Water System

A.O Smith Green Series RO Water Purifiers, with their aesthetically premium design, not only ensure 100% RO purified water but also save 2 times more water than an ordinary RO water purifier* with its innovative Advance Recovery Technology™ [Patent applied]. The Z9 model “recovers the highest amount of water as compared to other water purifiers in India*”. Besides its 8 stage purification, it is also equipped with an electronic faucet for dispensing hot water at press of a button, with temperature options of 45° C and 80° C. It’s designed to complement your kitchen decor.

Specifications :

Storage Tank Capacity 9 Kgs
Rated Voltage/frequency 150–300 VAC, 50 Hz
Rated Power 60W
Product Size (LxWxH) 329x482x326 mm3
Pressure rating 0.5-2 Bar
Input Water Temperature 5-45°
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 Model Z8
MRP  26,900
MRP GST Rate 18%